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Fabric consumption per trouser = ( length+allowance) X (width+allowance) X 4. = ( 40"+3") X (13"+3") X 4 = 43" X 16" X 4 = 2752 sq. inch. Lenth of fabric (width of 50") per trouser = 2752÷50 = 55.04 inch.=1.53yds. It is also required to calculate pocketing fabric requirement. As per design two front pocket needs pocketing fabric.

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Upholstery Yardage Chart Need Assistance? Contact Us: 1-877-781-2967. Live Chat ». Email Us ». Shipping. Shipping rates are calculated off the weight and destination of your items. View more details on our shipping & returns page.. Estimated Transit Times:.

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Discounted at 50% and more. Huge selection all kinds of fabrics. -Pearl luster satin twill woven-Weight: Medium-Transparency: Opaque-Hand: Smooth-Stretch: No Stretch-Drape: Good Drape-Luster: Lustrous-End Uses: Bridal Dresses, Formal Dresses, Formal Suits, Costumes, & more-Compare to $28.00/yd.

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The quantity of fabric which is required to produce a garment is called fabric consumption. Fabric represents around 70% of the total garment cost and is therefore the most important component in costing. It is essential to the success of the business that this is properly controlled. It is not just a matter of having good markers (although of.

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Second, cut the rectangle out of the fabric that you drew on. Then, measure the rectangle's width and length in cm and calculate the area in (cm²) = (width) x (length). Write it down. Third, weigh the rectangular fabric swatch with a precision digital scale. Write down the weight in grams.

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